Women Entrepreneurship Program

Why women entrepreneurship
Enterprises owned by women contribute significantly to enhance livelihood options and provide avenues for income generation to marginalised families. While working with women at the grassroots level, FWWB observed that there is a strong need to encourage more women to move from livelihood activities to small/medium businesses. This would not only require larger loan support but also capacity building support in the form of financial education and business skill building trainings to women. We recognize that alongside limited access to credit, women face several other barriers in the path of economic empowerment. Illiteracy, and lack of awareness about finances and enterprise management, prevents millions of women from converting livelihood activities into successful business propositions. To overcome these barriers, FWWB’s Financial Education and Women Entrepreneurship Program provides financial education and business management skills to existing and prospective women entrepreneurs.
Our approach
The program, which was initiated in 2011, aims at greater financial inclusion of the women, increasing their financial access and economic independence by supporting them in their livelihood activities. FWWB aims to create a nurturing ecosystem for women so that they can be equal shareholders in the household and the economy. The main objective is to create a replicable and innovative model for building sustainable enterprises that can generate a steady flow of income, the benefits of which will accrue to the entire household.
  • Cashpor Trust
  • Chanura Microfin Manipur
  • Volunteers for Village Development
  • Chaitanya
  • Swashraye Mahila Sakh Sahakarita Maryadit
  • Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
19000+ women trained in financial literacy, business management, and enterprise development
States: Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra