Agriculture Finance

Why agriculture finance
Over 56% of India’s population is engaged in agriculture and allied activities. Farmers contribute to food security and attaining food self-sufficiency. To maintain and increase productivity levels and diversify their sources of income, farmers need more capital. Small and marginal farmers with meagre savings require an even higher input of capital. Access to credit can empower farmers and enable them to invest agricultural capital in order to increase farm income and household well-being.
Our approach
Recognising the role that it could play in providing access to credit, FWWB’s Agriculture Finance Program was initiated in the year 2007. The program is aimed at providing loan support to Farmer Producer Collectives (FPC) of small and marginal farmers across various states of India. This is achieved by supporting community-based organisations in creating alternative livelihoods or income sources to improve the economic conditions of households.
The program nurtures the FPCs by providing them need-based working capital and capacity building support. The ultimate aim is to help them become sustainable and establish linkages with formal financial institutions in the subsequent years.
  • Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems
  • Centre for Collective Development
  • Action for Social Advancement
  • Madhya Bharat Consortium of Farmers Producer Company Limited
  • Vrutti Livelihood Resource Centre
  • Pragathi Sewa Samiti
  • Industree Foundation
  • Swami Vivekananada Siksha Samiti
  • Madhya Pradesh District Poverty Initiatives Project
  • Nabkisan Finance Limited
  • Ford Foundation
  • Hivos
  • Rabo Bank Foundation
  • Ceniarth
Support to 75 FPCs
States: Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Telangana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra
Total disbursement of 57 crores