Previous publications
  • Training of Trainers (TOT) Reference material: Mahila Shakti Vikas na Panthey (Gujarati) 2002.
  • A Step by Step guide for Strategic Business Planning (English), 2000.
  • SHG leaders training reference material: Seekhein aur Sikhayein (Hindi), 1999.
  • Manual on linkages between savings and credit and women’s health: Tan Tandurust to Man Tandurust (Hindi), 1999.
  • How to Run a Viable Income Generating Activity (English), 1997.
  • Organising Savings and Credit Groups for Poor Women (Hindi and English), 1994.
  • Guidelines for Starting a Bank for Poor Women (English), 1991.
Case Studies/Papers
  • Documentation of two day National Consultation on 'Gender in Microfinance’ that was organized by FWWB-I, India in September 2005.
  • Micro Finance and Rural Credit Markets - The study was undertaken by Centre for Social Studies (CSS) based in Surat, South Gujarat who carried out a ‘client-centered’ benchmark study in select pockets of Gujarat and Maharashtra (English), 2005.
  • “Voice of the Voiceless” – A Need Assessment Study of Micro Insurance services offered by SHEPHERD, one of the partners of FWWB-I in the State of Tamil Nadu (English), 2005.
  • Documentation study of Social Security programme of People’s Solidarity Association (PSA), one of FWWB-I’s Partners based in Trichy, Tamil Nadu (English) 2005.
  • A Documentation study of Social Security programme of Activists for Social Alternatives (ASA), one of FWWB-I’s Partners based in Trichy, Tamil Nadu (English) 2005.
  • Community Health Insurance in India- A compilation of Case Studies (English), 2005.
  • Micro Insurance – Member Profile (English), 2003.
  • Insurance – A safety net to poor (English), 2003.
  • A discussion paper on Indian Self-Help Groups and Bangladesh Grameen Bank Groups: A comparative Analysis (English) 2002.
  • Role and Impact of Micro finance on the Poor – A Qualitative Enquiry in two South Indian States (English) 2001.
  • Unknown Leaders of Micro-finance (English), 1999.
  • India’s Emerging Federations of Savings and Credit Groups (English), 1998.
  • Translating Dreams into Realities - Case Studies (English), 1997.
  • (Topics covered: Institutional building, recommendations of the micro finance task force set up by the RBI, Education loans, Infrastructure financing, Market Research For Micro Finance)
  • Micro-Insurance Infoline (Bi-annual) (English)
    (Topics covered: Concept of insurance, health and pension)
  • Directory of Institutional Profiles of FWWB-I’s Partner Organisations (English), 2003.
  • Institutional Profiles of FWWB-I’s Partner Organisations (English), 1998.
Proceedings of Workshop
  • Micro Insurance for the Poor: Strengthening services and addressing policy issues (English), 2003.
  • Building Linkages: People’s Institutions and the Financial Sector (English), 1997.
Video film
  • Rukawato ko Todka’ (Gujarati and Hindi with English subtitles), 2001 (Video / CD)
  • Ubhartee Umang (Gujarati, Hindi and English), 1994 (Video)