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    R/N.67/2004 Cell : 09047082737
    1/3, Aruppukottai road, Thiruchuli,
    Thiruchuli (po), (tk),
    Virudhunagar District,
    Pincode – 626 129
    Email id: pamarimuth@gmail.com redsthiruchuli@gmail.com

    Date : …………

    Respected Sir/Madam
    Our NGO has been registered with the Tamilnadu Society Registration Act of 27th of 1975 ( 2004 1ST June) for the past 15 years . Our Ngo has been doing well in various social service in backward blocks like Tiruchuli, Narikkudi, Kariyapatti, in Virudhunagar Distict, in Tamilnadu for the past 15 years. Ngo working for women and child health care, education skill development, economic Development and skill development for youth and women’s, Environmental protection, human rights and many more for women.
    We are Working very well in our area. Where we work in our area with our financial support for microfinance poor women and trans people pelease. So we will highly hire them to help us with the necessary financial assistance to serve.
    Thanking You,
    Yours Faithfully
    (P.Marimuthu Secretary REDS)

    Organization Details :

    1. Name of the organization : Rural Education Development Society (REDS)

    2. Address of the
    Organization : 1/3, Aruppukkottai Road Thiruchuli, thiruchuli(po),
    Thiruchuli (tk), Virudhunagar District ,
    Taminadu, india. 626129

    3. Contact Person : P. Marimuthu
    4. Designation : Secretary
    5. Cell : 09047082737
    6. E-mail : pamarimuthu@gmail.com

    7. Register Number : 67 / 2004
    8. Date of registration : June 1, 2004
    5. FCRA registration No. : 076110035
    6. 12 AA Number : C. No. 101/156/CIT-II/2007-08
    7. 80G : C. No. 102/156/CIT-II/2007-08
    8. PAN No. : AAAAR5648C
    9. NGO Dharpan Id : TN/2017/0180725
    10. International Civil society Centre R/no : 1218-89-1-746f
    11. Local A/c Bank Details : Indian Bank
    A/c No. 895360269
    MICR : 626019097
    CIF : 393796046
    12. FCRA A/c Details : State Bank of India
    A/c No. 11409984240

    Our organization REDS is registered body which was registered under Tamilnadu State Society Registration Act and to empower the deprived section of the society especially, Disabled women and disabled children. Our organization has been involving in creating awareness on women and children Development activities to enable their legal rights on healthy socio – economic development practice and focus on environment conservation and promotion of health and sanitation programmes in our project villages.

    VISION :
    Our organization enhance empowering the deprived section of the disabled persons by Education, Health, Environment and Economic development and enabling their Basic rights.

     To Improve livelihood promotion for poverty alleviation to women and children
     To Promote Health and Environment Education of disabled persons
     To Enable Child Rights and Eradication of Child Labor issues
     To prevent HIV among disabled women and children.
     Protecting Human Rights
     Whenever human rights are violated lighting for its protection
     Labor law rights awareness Prog.
     Sc/St poor peoples education, economic and women and youth skill development

    a) To Organize and strengthen the women SHGs and Children groups,
    b) To provide Life skill trainings and vocational trainings for vulnerable sections of community such as differently abled, and marginalized poor disabled women and children.
    c) To Promote alternative livelihood for the disabled persons, people living with HIV
    d) To provide Legal Awareness and right education for the children in need.
    e) To promote Environment Conservation.
    f) Protecting Human Rights women and child rights awareness Prog.
    g) Whenever human rights are violated lighting for its protection.
    h) HIDA/HIV Awareness Programme
    i) Skill Development for youth and women Training Prog.
    j) Environment and Global Warming Awareness Prog.
    k) Sc/St peoples Labor law and Human rights legal awareness prog.
    l) Organic manure manufacturing Training prog.
    m) Tree Planting prog.

    1. Formation and maintenance of the disabled women SHGs and disabled children groups
    2. Poor women and youth Sc/St peoples Income Generation skill trainings to disabled women SHGs
    3. Skill Development Programmes to vulnerable sectors such as differently, abled, Deprived SC and ST children communities.
    4. Computer Literacy Training Programmes for Deprived women and disabled children
    5. Awareness Generation Programmes to women and children in Education and health
    6. Sc/St Human Rights Legal Awareness Programmes
    7. Sc/ St Women Empowerment programes
    8. Child Labour Eradication Programmes
    9. Sports and Development Programmes
    10. Awareness Agricultural Training Prog.
    11. Formation of the Farmers Clubs
    12. AIDS Awareness Programmes
    13. Health Awareness and camps
    14. Water and sanitation Programs
    15. Tree Planting Prog.
    16. Awareness Against the Alhohalisiam & Tobacco Prog.
    17. Health care Awareness Prog.
    18. Labors law and women and child rights awareness Prog.

    Future plans :
    i) To Computer, Nursing and coaching Training Center.
    ii) To establish educational institutions.
    iii) To Micro Credit Loan for SHG (Economic Development)
    iv) To De=addition Rehabilitation Center
    v) To Evening Tuition Centre
    vi) To Old Age Home
    vii) Agriculture Development through Organic Farming
    viii) Awareness Generation Projects For Rural & Poor Women.
    ix) Consumer Welfare.
    x) Coaching Allied Scheme for Minority Community Students.
    xi) Training in Agriculture & Allied Subjects.
    xii) Tobacco Control Program.
    xiii) Alcoholism Prevention & Control Program.
    xiv) Center for Training on Computer.
    xv) (SGSY) Jan Vikas Program (Dairy)
    xvi) (SGSY) Training Program BPL Families.
    xvii) Women Labor and Childlabor.
    xviii) Ambulance Service to Animals in Distress.
    xix) Shelter House for Looking AFter the Animals.
    xx) Handicapped Care.
    xxi) Women Skill or Technical Training.
    xxii) Tsunami Relief and Rehabilitation Project.
    xxiii) Agriculture Development
    xxiv) Aids Prevention & Control For Prisoners.
    xxv) Youth Skill Training.
    xxvi) Jasmine Cultivation
    xxvii) Casuarinas – A Tree for Waste place Development
    xxviii) Dairy Farming
    xxix) Bulk Milk Cooling Units
    xxx) Feed Processing Plant
    xxxi) Poultry Farming
    xxxii) Aonia Culviation
    xxxiii) Agri clinics for Vermicompost
    xxxiv) Reproductive and Child Health
    xxxv) Prevention of Women & Child Trafficking
    xxxvi) Preparatory Training Program for X, XII Students
    xxxvii) Community Knowledge & Resource Center
    xxxviii) Watershed Management, Urban Slum Development, Rural Water, Income Generation, Housing for poor family.
    Our organization is doing all the above mentioned activities by our own contribution and donation from well wishers. But we cannot access fund continuously to sustain our project activities. Also our organization never received any grants from other funding source. So we humbly request you to inform whenever call for proposals to any theme and or cocnept. We are ready to implement the project as per your esteemed guidelines and funding other. Also we are abide by the terms and conditions of organization.

    Thanking you,
    Yours Faith fully
    (P.Marimuthu Secretary REDS)

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