WATSAN Workshop

FWWB-India initiated interventions on Infrastructure Credit from the year 2000 that gained momentum in the year 2008 – 09 with the launch of FWWB-I’s Water and Sanitation ‘WATSAN’ Program. The main objective of the program is to improve the overall quality of life of women by facilitating access to Water and Sanitation through credit services and awareness creation on hygiene and sanitation through its Partners.

FWWB-I also assists its partner MFIs in Training and Capacity Building initiatives, especially in linking with technical consultants, training on hygiene and sanitation awareness, demand creation, technical training, etc. Post our monitoring visits and discussions with WATSAN partner organizations and industry experts, what emerged clearly to us was the immediate need for FWWB-I to play a deeper role in implementing the Water & Sanitation loan product.

We believed one of the most effective ways would be to create a platform where our partner organizations can share their experience, brainstorm about “Dos and Don’ts” and assimilate best practices in the field of Water and Sanitation. The first of such initiatives was a workshop on ‘Best Practices for MFIs on Water and Sanitation’, scheduled on 1st and 2nd of February, 2011 in Ahmedabad, with participation from more than twenty organizations; including MF Partners, Funders, Technical Experts, etc.

We had also organized a 3 day training program for field staff of our MFI Partner Organizations (POs) after the commencement of the 2 day workshop. The training of WPOs (WATSAN Program Officers) included Community Mobilization, Governance, Technical Specs, Sharing of IEC (Information Education and Communication)Material, Future business plans.

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